Life's A Bowl Of Cherries

"Life's a bowl of cherries; the best are usually the ones you'd least expect."

~Cherry Knot

vyan1601universe said: Hey there Cherry Knot! How's life going to for yourself?! ^-^ I hope you don't ignore this question.! ●_●

It’s going great thank you! I’m in highschool now, as a freshman. I’ve joined a couple of other fandoms too, and my art’s gotten considerably nicer looking. Things are very nice, thank you. :)

A huge apology picture for you.  I Know I asked you for your ref for the follower pic but I forgot i asked you.  So I hope this will make it up for what I did. …

Aw, there’s no need to apologize, friend. I’m sure you meant well: it looks great, I love how you drew her!! Thank you very much!

remember when i used to draw nothing but ponies guys


remember when i used to draw nothing but ponies guys

1K part 2



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And ta all of mah followers, ah can only thank ye and hope y’all stay fer long!


!!Hey, cool!! This is great, thank you so much! :) I love it<3

Anonymous said: You are a stupendous artist and person, wish you the best for your life.

!! aww, thank you<33 I appreciate it darling! :)

dingle dangle
Heya! Heres your Cherry Knot with Steels Design! Thanks for being awesome and always having fun! XD

Wow!! That&#8217;s super cool!! Thank you, I love it!&lt;3


Harry: "If Notepad and Tony heard you, they’d probably go ballistic! What were you thinking?"

Manny: "Heh…sorry…"

Robin: "Oh for Pete’s sake, just go to your room already".

(I made a little comic thing that’s pretty out of character, because I don’t think Manny would ever really have that much of an negative opinion on the puppets, but the idea made me laugh so I thought I’d share it with you! Thank you for 340+ followers so suddenly!)

(((Pssst, guys! I’m updating this blog almost daily, so please go check it out! It’s a DHMIS blog, but it’s really great, I promise!)) :>



  ((Mod: Featured the following blog! [in order]

Azula , PirateDash, Cherryknot, RebelliousCadence, PrincessDerpy, ScareCrow ))

(I know I said I was on hiatus but then this beauty showed up and I kinda just went

…also because this is so awesome i might scream omg  t h a n k  y o u<3)

askcherryknot said: You know what we should do? Exactly what we'll be doing; partying. :U






Small Hiatus

Hey guys.

I’m gonna have to start a hiatus on this blog for a while, one reason being that I need to brainstorm for the update, second being that I’m being put through a LOT of work for preparing for High School and the SSAT’s, and third being I made a new DHMIS blog, that I’m trying to kickstart and I’ve already gotten over 50+ followers in so little time, and I think that’s great.

I haven’t forgotten about you guys, so I’m going to try to keep in touch, but I’m still crazy busy this week and whatever time I’ll be online or will be valuable.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I’ll probably be back by around Valentine’s day to make a little holiday post, and then maybe if I’ve been able to, update the storyline.

Thank you.


And Notepad, and Tony too!
January 25th, 2014

(((Psssst&#8230;guys, I made a DHMIS blog! Please send questions! &lt;3)))


And Notepad, and Tony too!

January 25th, 2014

(((Psssst…guys, I made a DHMIS blog! Please send questions! <3)))

Happy birthday, my dear!

sorry it’s a day late aah




I, I can’t get these memories out of my mind,
And some kind of madness has started to evolve.
And I, I tried so hard to let you go,
But some kind of madness is swallowing me whole, yeah

I have finally seen the light,
And I have finally realized
What you mean.

Ooh oh oh

And now I need to know is this real love,
Or is it just madness keeping us afloat?
And when I look back at all the crazy fights we had,
Like some kind of madness was taking control, yeah

And now I have finally seen the light,
And I have finally realized
What you need.



But now I have finally seen the end (finally seen the end)
And I’m not expecting you to care (expecting you to care)
But I have finally seen the light (finally seen the light)
I have finally realized (realized)
I need to love
I need to love

Come to me
Just in a dream.
Come on and rescue me.
Yes I know, I can be wrong,
Maybe I’m too headstrong.
Our love is


((I just figured this song really suited her situation right now in the current storyline. Maybe sometime in the future, I’ll make a little photoset thing of this, similar to the followers post. The song is “Madness”, and it’s the acapella version of the original, by “Muse”. I just really enjoyed this version a lot more than the original. The cover is sung by “JB Craipeau”. No copyright infringement intended.))

itsplumblesbumbles-deactivated2 said: May I have an K, but without NSFW? Maybe tongue...but nothing too extreme? :> Thanks!


((Mod: I don’t know why Cherry would be doing such a kiss, especially after what happened that while back, but I think it looks rather nice. I like this thicker ink outline thing i’m doing now.))

Ah! It’s beautiful (and totally out of character, but perfect XD)

I can’t imagine she and Corporate would have gotten along too well, even if the accident had never happened, to be honest. Just about the only thing they’ve got in common is maybe their temper, lol.

I have so many plans for the rest of the storyline! Aaaaaah this is literally the perfect character though! I like characters that have their own problems and aren’t exactly always perfect, or far from it, because it just seems more interesting :) Corporate has many bittersweet qualities that make him an interesting character!

**^^Causally promotes^^**